Creating Impact, From the inside Out
10 years of Cognizant foundation
This is the story of our journey so far. Read on to see how far we’ve come.
The far-reaching effects of


are like ripples that last for generations.
This radiating power of education makes it one of the primary focus areas for Cognizant Foundation in its CSR efforts through the past ten years.
Improving the quality of


to add life to years.
Over the last decade, Cognizant Foundation has focused on helping the poor and needy access good quality healthcare, by promoting support to deserving institutions.
Breathing life into


to create equal opportunities for the
less fortunate.
Cognizant Foundation believes that the right skills will set our youth on the path of better employment opportunities
Like a ripple that starts small and grows in effect.
Our efforts in the areas of Education, Healthcare and Livelihood have paid off,
and the stories that follow tell you how
Commemorative Book 2015

Ten years ago,

we took our first steps towards making a difference in society and to people.
Inception of CF in March


Support Infrastructure in Education; Medical equipment donation in Healthcare


Added focus on Vocational training in Education


Scholarship program launched and added focus on Ophthalmic care


Focussed on Information Communication Technology (ICT) and in Maternal and child health


Added focus on Improving Science Education


Added focus on Critical care


Ophthalmic care emerges as a major focus area


Livelihood becomes the third sector of CF


Sustained focus onICT and Scienceeducation and Ophthalmic care
CF completes 10 years

Ten years later,

we look back to see how far we’ve come.
Over 270 projects in the areas of Education, Healthcare and Livelihood,

annually impacting the lives of over Five Lakhs people across India.
Commemorative Book 2015

Overcoming the Digital Divide

Utilising technology to bridge educational gaps

The nearest town Gadag-Betigeri is 30 km from the school – it would be fair to say that the Halligudi Government High School is the unlikeliest place in which you would come across a digital classroom. The school had no internet access, similar to the rest of the town. The school did not even own a working computer at one point. However, during Mr. C.B. Malagi's class, at school, history comes alive. “The history teacher shows us Independence Day parades, short documentaries of kings and kingdoms, making the classroom more engaging and joyful”, says Ms.Chaitra, who is a 10th standard student in Malagi's class.

Not long ago, Mr. Malagi used traditional tools of teaching blackboard, chalk and duster - to teach his students. This changed when Cognizant Foundation (CF) funded the launch of American Indian Foundation's (AIF) Digital Engagement Classroom (DE) at his school. Notwithstanding the lack of essential equipment needed for a digital classroom, Mr. Malagi was determined to supplement his teaching with digital aids. He used his mobile phone's data connection to download content on to his SD card. He then used the laptop donated by AIF to broadcast the content to his class. Today, all teachers in the Halligudi Government High School use digital aids; attend AIF teacher trainings and help each other out with the challenges that they face.
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Commemorative Book 2015

The Science of Changing Lives

Creating love for the wonder-filled world of science

It's time for Babu's science class and his excitement knows no bounds. Along with his classmates, he stands in a single line behind a long table set under the trees. Neatly placed on the table are pipettes, test tubes, jars, Bunsen burners, exciting colours and foul-smelling chemicals.

Babu loves looking at the brightly painted van parked near where they stand. Although his school does not have an 'actual laboratory', the 'science van' (as the children call it) is at his school regularly. He loves reading the big words painted on the sides of the van – one of the words is Agastya; it is the Agastya International Foundation that brings over the science lab to the school. The next words are a bit difficult - COGNIZANT FOUNDATION – and sounds totally unfamiliar. He copies it down in his exercise book, planning to ask his class teacher about it later. It's now time for his science class. The next 40 minutes, are spent in awe, looking at scientific experiments that are demonstrated. He simply cannot wait to try out the simpler ones later.
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Commemorative Book 2015

Taking the Road Less Travelled

Caring for the neglected tribes of Tamil Nadu

Amudakumari stifles a cry while carrying a pile of firewood on her head. Her neck and back hurt as she trudges laboriously down the Sittilingi valley in Dharmapuri district, an isolated tribal village in Tamil Nadu. On reaching her hut, her husband notices her discomfort and remarks, “Your neck has been bothering you a lot these days, let's go, and visit G and Tha tomorrow, you may be suffering from spondylitis”. Dr. Regi George or G, as he is fondly known, is the local anaesthetist and surgeon, who set up the Tribal Hospital in Sittlingi, Tamil Nadu, along with his wife and gynaecologist Dr. Lalitha Regi (affectionately known as 'Tha').

What was previously an 85-kilometre long journey for locals to the diagnostic centres in Salem is now well within touching distance. Cognizant Foundation (CF) funded a 160mA x-ray machine and 4-Wheel Drive Mahindra Bolero vehicle for the purpose of facilitating better diagnosis and quicker treatment to its beneficiaries. The cost of x-ray is subsidised for patients at the hospital and on certain occasions is even made free for poor patients.

“The new x-ray machine is also helpful in diagnosing many more complicated diseases. The earlier machine was useful to diagnose TB to some extent, as the machine had low intensity resolution. In cases such as joint pains, backaches, pneumonia and other lung and spinal infections, we required a higher intensity x-ray machine for diagnosis”, says Dr. Lalitha, Gynaecologist, Tribal Hospital, Sittlingi.
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Commemorative Book 2015

A New Look at Life

Giving everyone a second chance to see the world

Purulia is one of the twenty districts of West Bengal state in Eastern India. Naira Beebi has lived in the Pada village of Purulia all her life. Naira Beebi's life revolves around her husband and three children. Her grown-up sons have good jobs, while her daughter is at home to help with household chores among other things. Life was good until recently, when Naira Beebi couldn't see her son as he was returning home. Though he was waving to her, she couldn't make out his features, he was just a blur. Kitchen work was also becoming increasingly difficult, but Naira Beebi just brushed it aside thinking that all this was part of old age.

Other women from the village had visited Lokeswarananda Eye Foundation and gotten their eyes treated for free. They requested Naira Beebi to get her eyes checked at the hospital. The doctors there diagnosed her with cataract and conducted phacoemulsification surgery to treat her eyes. The surgery took only a few minutes and Naira Beebi was able to resume her daily work within a week. She is forever grateful that she can continue to see and hopes to see her grandchildren soon.
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Commemorative Book 2015

Transitioning from Dependent to Independent

The path that leads to self-sufficiency

28-year old Abdul Arif is self-confident, responsible and a hardworking person. A resident of Belgachia, Kolkata, Abdul stays with his mother, who works as a house maid. Abdul has overcome several obstacles and managed to complete his education till the 12th grade. However, Abdul and his mother made only about Rs. 36,000 per year.

This prompted Abdul to search for better opportunities to help improve his family's quality of life. He heard about LABS (Livelihood Advancement Business School), by Dr. Reddy's Foundation, from one of his friends. Intrigued, he visited the Cognizant Foundation-supported LABS centre at Dumdum, Kolkata, and enrolled himself in the hospitality domain. He received technical and soft skills training at LABS. The exposure at LABS had a tremendous impact on his life, and Abdul slowly gained skills which he could bank on to change his life. His hard work, determination and perseverance got him a job with Tata's Westside as a Customer Service Associate (Salt Lake, Mani Square Mall) with a monthly remuneration of Rs. 6700.

Today, Abdul is a confident young man who provides for his mother, and is living a life that was only a distant dream for him in the past.
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Commemorative Book 2015
statewise impact
Commemorative Book 2015
Cognizant Foundation has been a rewarding journey for everyone involved, from the founders to the volunteers. Presenting some of their thoughts.
“I am very happy to recall the most satisfying moments of Cognizant Foundation’s 10 year journey. I feel privileged for having been a part of this journey, working with our partners and Cognizant associates in serving disadvantaged communities across India. As we stand at this significant milestone, I believe that the best of Cognizant Foundation is yet to come and look forward to scale greater heights with all your support.”

Warm regards,
Satagopan Madhavan CEO,
Cognizant Foundation
“It was a great opportunity for all of us at Cognizant, to participate in putting together the chronicle of Cognizant Foundation as it gave us an opportunity to relive many special moments. The stories that were shared by our NGO partners, volunteers and the people in whose lives our programs made a difference made this a memorable journey by itself.

This only makes us yearn to do more. We are confident, with our sound processes & partnerships and passionate & talented volunteers of Cognizant; we will reach out to more people and make a meaningful impact in their lives.”

Warm regards,
Rajashree N. COO,
Cognizant Foundation
“Exposure to amazing work done by various institutions and their commitment to social good has been an eye opener and we are grateful for the opportunity to work with them.”

Warm regards,
Deepak Prabhu Matti
Director Global Technology Office, Cognizant, Bengaluru
“A truly humbling experience to be part of social change through Matribhavan and witness pre-marital thalassemia tests’ being accepted among weaker socio-economic sections.”

Warm regards,
Syed Tanvir Hussain
Executive Coordinator, Cognizant, Kolkata
“A truly humbling experience to be part of social change through Matribhavan and witness pre-marital thalassemia tests’ being accepted among weaker socio-economic sections.”

Warm regards,
Nitin Sharma
Manager, Cognizant Academy, Gurgaon
“Every life touched, every smile generated, every ray of hope kindled through our work at Cognizant Foundation brings us immense joy. We are happy and proud that CF Kochi has been able to bring about significant and meaningful difference in the lives of many in the fields of Healthcare and Education.”

Warm regards,
Binod Krishna, Purushothaman
Manager, HR - Service Delivery, Cognizant, Kochi
“Working to provide opportunity to the most deserving and needy institutes gives us the humbling opportunity to be of service to others. And being a part of CF, we enjoy and respect that privilege each day.”

Warm regards,
Vaishali Sheelawant
Junior Learning Executive, Outreach, Cognizant, Mumbai
“Working with CF gave me the opportunity to interact with inspiring individuals in far off places, who showed me how they have turned the toughest challenges they faced into opportunity by sheer grit and determination.”

Warm regards,
Abhishek Jain
Manager, Cognizant Outreach, Pune
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