Dialysis machines in the heart of Bangalore for the underprivileged

Bangalore Kidney Foundation (BKF) was established in 1979, as the first dialysis centre in Bangalore . In 2007, BKF took the initiative to build the Rangadore Memorial Hospital in Basavanagudi which currently houses the BKF Dialysis Centre –  one of the largest in Karnataka State – with 35 dialysis machines.

The dialysis center at Rangadore Memorial Hospital conducts around 2200 dialysis sessions each month for poor, critically ill patients who have no financial means to undergo frequent dialysis. Bangalore Kidney Foundation provides 215 free dialysis sessions to patients who cannot afford treatment, 130 patients avail subsidies of up to 50% for each session, and dialysis services a highly subsidized rate to 780 patients every month at its dialysis center.

Rag pickers, vegetable vendors, tender coconut sellers, newspaper boys, ration shop owners, students, senior citizens from very poor families, etc. come for regular dialysis.

BKF with the support of Cognizant Foundation recently installed  4 advanced dialysis machines at Rangadore Memorial Hospital (RMH) in Basavanagudi.  These advanced dialysis machines help in checking the blood pressure of patients without recourse to the conventional BP instrument.