High end Computer Laboratory for Differently Abled Children

Cognizant Foundation has supported CBM India Trust, Bangalore for setting up a computer laboratory in the Clarke School for the Deaf which will be used to meet the academic requirement as well for providing Vocational Training to children with different disabilities studying in the School. The vocational training covers  Graphic Designing and Publishing unit, Animation and Multimedia Unit, Data Entry and Processing Unit, and Enabling Unit for Hearing and Visual Impairments. 

Setting up of this high end Computer Laboratory with the appropriate hardware will make the children with disabilities function on the level of their able bodied counterparts.  The school will have enhanced assistive technology aided computer lab units for children with various impairments and special needs. The project will support educational and vocational training needs of 210 children with disabilities per year.  The lab would also be useful to 50 teachers and special educators to enhance their knowledge and get latest information in the subjects.

CBM Bangalore works through various partners organisation spread across 21 States of India to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities.  The Clarke School for the Deaf, Chennai is one such partner of CBM.  The Clarke School for the Deaf provides academic education for the hearing impaired from preschool to higher secondary level to both boys and girls.