Teachers Community of Learning

CF has partnered with IT for change(ITfC), a Bangalore based NGO  to run their Information and Communication Technology (ICT) programme in 21 government schools in Bangalore District. This program aptly named as ‘Teachers Community of Learning’ (TCOL) model has been created to show how ICT tools can be used effectively to create a positive impact on educational processes by improving the quality of teaching.  As part of this programme teachers are taught how to use educational ICT tools in Mathematics, Science, Social Science and languages; create local curricular resources and lesson plans and to network with other and engage in peer learning on an online portal.

This programme has enabled teachers in government schools to use digital technologies for teaching-learning processes and their own professional development.  As part of this programme, high school teachers collaborated to develop new methods of teaching mathematics integrating technology and this was shared with the maths teachers from other schools in the Block.  Two teachers Radha Narve (GHS Begur) and Y N Rajesha (GHS Mallupura) who actively participated were awarded by the NCERT for their exemplary work in integrating ICTs in their work.  Ms Radha Narve has been invited by MHRD to participate in a national ICT progamme in Delhi.  Her work continues to inspire other teachers in Karnataka and across the country.  CF Congratulates the teachers for their outstanding work. 

Other key highlights of the programme

  1. The Domlur school organized a community event in which the local community members and parents as government schools often find it difficult to get parents engaged. The Parent teacher meeting at the end of the academic Year 2014-15 was enthusiastically attended with all parents participating and giving suggestions for school improvement. Local citizens groups and community institutions pledged support to school programs and infrastructure needs.
  1. Students and teachers from the Domlur High School documented community institutions and organizations through photo and video essays and completed the school and neighbourhood map. This helped students and teachers to connect the topics in the text books to real life processes.
  1. Cognizant Outreach has collaborated with IT for Change and Cognizant volunteers have been trained in computer-based educational tools and web resources. Trained volunteers, in turn, train teachers and teach the students in ICT Labs in schools. They also help children in using computer-based tools to prepare presentations.