A new life for women through ANEW

Aide et Action (AEA), in India, is working across 18 States and 1 Union Territory with the help of 36 local level NGO partners, 13 directly implemented projects on various issues of development.

 On the Education sector, AEA is focusing on improving the overall teaching-learning process through use of technology and steps are taken to provide teachers and children in forest and rural areas with information and education, through the use of computers, e-learning and other modern technologies. This enhances the competency levels of children and helps in smooth transition of language among tribal children and enhances the capacities of teachers on effective teaching techniques using technology.

 Recently CF supported AEA to establish New Information and Communication Technology (NICT) at 25 Government schools in the Biligiriranga Hills (B R Hills), a hill range situated in south-eastern Karnataka,  covering around 2500 children through  Guru-G Teacher Assist Platform, an Android Tablet based solution. The platform helps Teachers, to improve the in-classroom teaching experience through use of technology. This  benefits around 2500 children in enhancing their competency levels in reading, writing and Arithmetic and also enhance the capacities of about 75 teachers in BRH on effective teaching techniques.

" We love to learn through tablets and I found it is interesting. Earlier I was not able to perform well in mathematics and science. But now due to the usage of tablets I am able to learn lessons of mathematics and science through tablet and it has increased my interest towards the subject"
Yashodha, A student of grade –III of GLPS, Chandakavadi