N. R. Krishnan

N. R. Krishnan

IAS (Retd.)
Director, Cognizant Foundation

Cognizant Foundation has started making its presence felt in high-visibility locales like the National Capital Region.

There is an adage in sports that the way one scores points is more important than the points themselves. So it is with Corporate Social Responsibility. Measured by this yardstick, the Foundation has been fortunate, over the years, in the number of projects it has supported and their relevance to its thrust areas of activity, namely Education, Healthcare and Skilling for Livelihood. This trend continued in 2019/20 also. The COVID-19 pandemic has given us yet another opportunity to be of service to the community all over the country.

For statistical interest, project spend on the three traditional domains went up by well over 40% compared to 2018/19. This was made possible through an increased inflow of funds from Cognizant and the efforts of project-executing agencies. In addition, the ongoing “Rebuilding Communities” programme is on its way to a successful conclusion. Geographically, the Foundation’s operations could be widened to cover areas like the North-East which have remained inadequately attended to so far. As for places already being served, Cognizant Foundation has started making its presence felt in high-visibility locales like the National Capital Region.

The Foundation would like to express its grateful thanks to the Cognizant Management and the large body of Cognizant Associates for their enthusiastic support.

Mr N. R. Krishnan was a member of the Indian Administrative Service and a Secretary to the Government of India. A specialist in energy and sustainable development, Krishnan has been associated with introduction of legislation on matters relating to these subjects and in framing government policy. At the international level, he has had a longstanding association with the United Nations Environment Programme and was Chairman of UN bodies connected with the Montreal Protocol and sustainable forest management.

Krishnan was associated with the National Law School University in Bengaluru and with the Madras School of Economics in Chennai in introducing Environmental Law and Environmental Economics in their curricula.

Holder of a Master’s Degree in Chemistry from the University of Delhi and a lecturer in St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, Krishnan was a Visiting Fellow at Queen Elizabeth House, Oxford and an ILO Fellow at the Harvard Institute of International Development. A regular contributor of articles to national journals on environment, climate change and issues in public policy, Krishnan is on the jury of India’s premier industry associations to recognize India’s best corporate houses for their record in sustainable development. He also serves as a Director on the boards of many companies.

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