Story of Karthik


” The happiest moment of my life was when I won 1st prize in the science fair creating an air cooler with bottles, batteries and fans”.

Karthik is 13 years old and studying in 7th standard in Laxmibai Barne School, Pune. An ambitious and responsible child, he comes from a family of 7 members and is determined to build a comfortable home for all of them.

Tharun has been a part of the Cognizant Foundation-funded Agastya Science programme from his 6th standard. and says that he likes attending Agastya sessions since he is explained through activities and experiments which helps him in retaining concepts for a longer duration.

He also had an opportunity to participate in the science fair where he made an air cooler with bottles, batteries and fans. The happiest moment of his life, Tharun recalls, is when he won 1st prize in this science fair. He also was able to develop his self-confidence in these sessions as he was given many opportunities to ask and answer. He can now explain many concepts like natural resources, food safety etc. to his classmates. Karthik wants to grow up and become a teacher as, according to him, teaching is a profession which can inspire many people around him. He considers Sir Isaac Newton as his role model. When he grows up, Tharun wants to find ways to address the water scarcity problem in his village.