Story of Pavan


“After two years, I want to join a good job and suggest more children like me to join NTTF to regain their confidence.”

My name is Pavan*. I hail from Ajjanpur, Chikkamangaloor, Karnataka. My father is a painter and my mother does domestic help at neighborhood for a living. I have an elder sister and she is married. I am a person with disability by birth, I am dumb and deaf. As a child, I have always seen my mother work very hard to meet basic ends. My dad has a drinking problem. He would start and end his day by drinking. I grew up seeing this. Me and my sister hardly received affection from either of them. I knew that I wasn’t able to speak or listen like other children even before my parents. But, I never had a reason to feel it amidst my domestic crisis. I studied in a government school for the deaf and mute where there were many children like me, hence, I never felt different. I learnt sign language and started to communicate, do my work, understand and perform my daily activities in school.

My senior friends from school who were studying in NTTF, enlightened me about NTTF and the technical course. As I saw students like me getting enrolled and encouraged, I decided to join. More than the course alone, I enjoyed the atmosphere; of sports, guidance from teachers, open classroom sessions, and the overall comfort of learning here. My favorite part till now has been PCB assembly hours. After two years, I want to join a good job and suggest more children like me to join here to regain their confidence. I would like to thank NTTF & Cognizant Foundation for helping economically backward, yet, aspiring students like me.