Story of Sarika


“Despite being 70% orthopaedically handicapped she is determined to leave no stone unturned to provide a better future for her only son.”

Sarika*, a young mother, is determined to leave no stone unturned to provide for a better future for her only son, despite being 70% orthopaedically handicapped.   Thirty-year-old Sarika* grew up in hardships. Hailing from a lower middle-class family, she had a difficult childhood and her disability made it even harder for her. Once she grew older, she got married to a contractual construction labourer with low and irregular earnings. It was only after the birth of her son that Sarika* realised that she had to be on her own feet if she wanted to provide a better future for her son, as her husband’s earnings alone could barely feed the three.

It was a long battle, she realised, and her disability would only make it more challenging. However, it was her sheer desire to give her child a good upbringing that propelled Sarika* to get educated. Despite her lifeless limb, she went to school and completed higher secondary. But, despite her hard-earned education it was difficult for her to find a suitable job, mainly because of her impairment. It was then that her husband came to know of Cognizant Foundation-funded Sarthak Skill Building Centre, Kolkata and took Sarika* there to learn more. The helpdesk and trainers at Sarthak recognised the hidden potential in her and advised her to immediately join the three-month-long job specific training, which covered basic computers, soft skills and more. Sarika* enrolled for the course and was soon a popular trainee. Her keen interest to join the Retail sector was quite visible after she got a chance to visit a retail outlet during an exposure visit with her batchmates and trainer.

She completed her training & cleared the interview at Reliance Market (Retail Sector) for the Customer Sales Associate profile with a remuneration of Rs. 8850 (per month). Today she is one of the most cherished employees of the company. In the words of her Senior Manager, “Sarika* is an exceptional character, very enthusiastic and organised. She keeps everything well arranged. I hope she continues to be a great resource for us.” For Sarika’s* family, her success is nothing short of a dream come true!”

* name changed to protect privacy