Story of Parvati


“10 years into marriage, Parvati*was struggling to give birth to her first Child.”

Becoming a mother is one of the best moments in every woman’s life – an experience which can hardly be described in words. This joy was proving elusive for Parvati*, a 30-year-old woman hailing from Pune. Parvati* had been married for 10 years and despite being pregnant multiple times, was unable to have a child. She had suffered through one abortion and five deaths and so, when she became pregnant again Parvati* and her family were desperately praying to the Gods for a safe pregnancy and delivery. However, in her eighth month of pregnancy things took a bad turn when she developed very high blood pressure and her baby was identified as having low birth weight. She was advised special care and continuous monitoring. Being from a poor socio-economic background Parvati* and her family couldn’t afford to go to private hospitals which could provide such continuous foetal monitoring.

She was referred to the Sassoon General Hospital, Pune. The Hospital had recently set up a Foetal Monitoring Unit (FMU) with the help of Cognizant Foundation. The FMU helps doctors monitor the well-being of the foetus in utero. The FMU detects problems with the foetus early, thus helping doctors make timely, life-saving interventions.  Parvati* was continuously monitored by the FMU and an emergency C-Section was done when foetal drop was detected. Parvati* gave birth to a baby weighing 1300g was which was shifted to the NICU. Now both Parvati* and her baby are doing fine, bringing tremendous joy and relief to her family.”
* name changed to protect privacy