Electronic Foetal Monitoring Unit in Maharashtra

Cognizant Foundation (CF) has provided Electronic Foetal Monitoring Unit to Sassoon General Hospital, Pune. This advanced equipment has increased the capacity of the Gynaecology and Obstetrics department of this government hospital. This project aims to reduce maternal and infant morbidity rates. This high-end equipment checks the health of the foetus in pregnant women. Through this support, over 20,000 Outpatient pregnant women and over 9500 women who undergo delivery or caesarean benefit every year.

Sassoon General Hospital, Pune is a tertiary hospital run by the Government of Maharashtra. The hospital was established in 1869 and is spread over twenty-three acres. On average, the hospital caters to 2500 outpatients and 1100 inpatients every day.

CF has adopted “Promoting Women and Child Health” as one of its programme in Healthcare. The shortage of critical medical equipment in maternal and childcare hospitals is a barrier to deliver quality health services. Under this programme, CF supports various hospitals to build their capacity in maternal and childcare hospitals.