Enhanced classroom learning for impoverished children

Cognizant Foundation (CF) has collaborated with Christel House India (CHI), a registered, non-profit organization, by enabling Mindspark Maths Program – a computer-based tool in their school classrooms that helps impoverished children improve their Maths skills and thinking skills. This is a programme under CF’s Digital Learning and STEM Education focus area.

CHI, located in Bangalore East, runs a day school that caters to children, specifically from slums in the neighbourhoods, where family incomes fall below the poverty line. The school has around 1200 students in classes from Kindergarten to Grade XII and employs more than 75 teachers.

 In 2014, CF supported Christel House for setting up an English Language laboratory to provide language training to all the students of their school. This project has been running very successfully and benefits over 1200 students every year.