Livelihood Training for Women

Cognizant Foundation supported Literacy India in identifying deserving women from New Delhi’s NCR region and training them in Stitching, paper products making and embroidery for a year.  The programme also helps these 200 women to sell their products, helping them supplement the family income.

While women in India are making great strides in sports, science and business at one end of the spectrum, at the other end there are women who are raised to only know the four walls of their home and be dependent on men.  More often than not, when such families hit a bump in the road of life, it is the woman who is left floundering.  This segment of women is particularly vulnerable to life’s hard knocks.  This is the community that Literacy India addresses through its “Karigari Janani’s project. They interview and identify such vulnerable women and girls give them livelihood options through training in various vocations suited to their aptitude and the local economy.