Multi-Dimensional Learning Space in Karnataka Government Schools

India Literacy Project (ILP) based at Bangalore, focuses primarily on educating children, young adults and increasing employability of young individuals living in remote rural areas of India. ILP works with Tribals, Dalits and other socio-economically deprived communities who have minimal access to education facilities.

Multi-Dimensional Learning Space (MDLS) is a program by ILP that provides multi-dimensional learning opportunities for school children to explore, experiment, discover, and learn in multiple ways. The primary vision of MDLS project is to improve the quality of learning in Government schools.

Pavagada is one of the more backward taluks, ranks 138th on the Education Infrastructure Index, 131st in literacy rate and 134th in pupil-teacher ratio among the state’s 175 taluks.

With the support of Cognizant Foundation, ILP launched its  new initiative to improve the quality of education in the Government schools at Pavagada. On September 03, 10 schools in Pavagada was converted to Multi-Dimensional Learning Spaces (MDLS) and the program was officially launched at the Government High School, Arasikere, Pavagada Taluk. The program was inaugurated by  Mr. Gopalakrishna, Joint Director – DSERT, Department of Public Instructions, Senior Director Cognizant, CF Bangalore core Committee members along with Cognizant Outreach Volunteers.

The project includes smart classroom equipment, science experiment kits and library books. Digital content is provided by ILP volunteers, Tata Class Edge and Meghashala that would benefit approximately 800-1000 children in 1 year.