Capacity building for access to quality health care – Kidney Care

“My name is Rani Hegde* and I’m from Bengaluru. I have been suffering from kidney problems for the last 7 years – both my kidneys have lost 80% functionality. After facing numerous health issues and consulting various doctors, I was finally referred to the Rangadore Memorial Hospital where the dialysis centre is managed by the Bangalore Kidney Foundation (BKF). I had already heard good things about BKF as an organisation that supports free or subsidised dialysis sessions and comprehensive renal care.

When the COVID-19 lockdown started, I was very worried. Being a dialysis patient, I was more susceptible than most to contracting a severe infection. Reaching the centre was a big issue for me, but BKF arranged free-of-cost transportation and also gave me instructions on the precautions I needed to take.

The dialysis centre was always clean and well-sanitised. Thanks to Cognizant Foundation, patients were provided masks and face shields, and the same was made compulsory for everyone. My family and I also received regular counselling support to help us cope with these unprecedented times.

I am grateful to Cognizant Foundation and BKF for helping me through the lockdown.”

*Name changed to protect patient privacy


Cognizant Foundation has supported the following non-profit institutions rendering yeoman service in kidney care with dialysis machines and related medical equipment. The Foundation has also extended support for protective gear to protect against COVID-19.

  • Bangalore Kidney Foundation (BKF), Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • TANKER Foundation, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Vivekanand Hospital, Latur, Maharashtra