Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic

In times of crisis, it is often those we don’t see, the unsung heroes – the doctors, nurses, other healthcare workers, police officers, fire department personnel – who get us through.

Given Cognizant Foundation’s strong focus in healthcare, our COVID-19 relief efforts focused on protecting such frontline workers and strengthening the healthcare system across Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, NCR, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and West Bengal. The Foundation donated 7,10,000+ protective gear for healthcare and other frontline workers, and 1,100+ critical medical equipment to strengthen health systems.

The Foundation donated personal protective gear and critical care medical equipment such as ventilators, multi-para monitors, ECG machines and infrared thermometers to 61 Government Hospitals combating COVID-19.

Fighting shoulder to shoulder with healthcare workers were officials in the police, fire and other departments. We donated personal protective gear to such frontline workers from 19 such departments to keep them safe from the pandemic.

The Foundation also extended support to 14 existing healthcare partners and other not-for-profit institutions with protective gear and critical medical equipment to help them combat COVID-19.