School eye screening project for rural students in Maharashtra

Cognizant Foundation has commissioned a school eye screening project in Nashik, Maharashtra, in the year 2019 as part of its special focus in Preventing Avoidable Blindness. This project is implemented in partnership with Mission for Vision (MFV), Mumbai and Tulsi Eye Hospital (TEH), Nashik.

The objective of this project is to provide comprehensive eye health services to 50,000 children from 90 schools over 16 months. As part of this project, children identified with refractive errors are provided with spectacles, free of cost. Children requiring further treatment and/or surgeries are referred to TEH.   This project also raises awareness, involving the community in child eye health.  About 200 teachers are trained in eye health as part of this project.

Mission for Vision(MFV) is a not-for-profit organization, focusing on eradicating avoidable blindness. MFV was established in the year 2000 and works in 17 Indian states with 28 of the most reputed NGO eye hospitals in India. MFV annually impacts over 600,000 persons and over the years, has enabled over 2 million eye surgeries among its partners.

Tulsi Eye Hospital is a professionally managed quality eye care provider in Maharashtra having state-of-the-art eye care infrastructure. TEH organizes around 900 free eye screening camps every year in remote rural areas around Nashik. TEH has performed around 200,000 surgeries since its start in 1994.

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