Cognizant Foundation supports Education programmes that enables access to quality education to the students from underserved communities. CF has adopted Scholarship for higher education, Digital learning, STEM and Vocational Technical education as its focus areas in Education.


Scholarship for Higher Education

The high cost to pursue higher education is often a major barrier among the meritorious students from under-served communities.

Recognizing this challenge, Cognizant Foundation has institutionalized the following scholarship programmes in accredited colleges to promote equity, merit and inclusion in higher education 

  • Scholarship for Engineering
  • Scholarship for Visually Impaired
  • Scholarship for Graduate study in Computer Science
  • Scholarship for Graduate study in Special Education
  • Scholarship for Graduate study in Social Sciences


Digital Learning, STEM and Vocational Technical Education

The programmes under the Digital Learning and STEM Education focus on the quality of educational content, pedagogy and experiential STEM learning.  Digital based assistive devices are leveraged to promote quality learning for special children. Teachers capacity building is given special focus as part of these programmes.  CF has partnered with many organizations to drive digital based STEM learning in schools through the following programmes

  • Building Teachers Capacity in STEM
  • Mobile Science Laboratories and Science centre
  • Enable Digital Learning in Classroom
  • Promote quality learning for special children leveraging digital technologies

The programme to promote Technical Vocational Education supports technical institutes with the state-of-art infrastructure to run vocational training programmes and in promoting inclusion in vocational education.