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Community Mental Health

Capacity building for access to quality health–Community Mental Health Programme

Cognizant Foundation has extended support to The Banyan to implement the Urban Mental Health Programme (UMHP) and Rural Mental Health Programme (RMHP). The goal of UMHP and RMHP is to address barriers to mental health care and thereby promote early access, enhance well-being and reduce disability, the burden of disease, and over the long term, reduce the risk of homelessness due to mental ill-health. UMHP and RMHP currently offer clinical and social care through clinics in five locations in Chennai city and three locations in Thiruporur Block, Kanchipuram District. Cognizant Foundation has supported The Banyan with medicines and facilitated pharmacotherapy for persons with mental health issues, accessing the clinical services. 

The Banyan, founded in 1993, began as a rescue, crisis and rehabilitation centre for homeless women with mental health issues and has over the years, expanded to offer a range of comprehensive mental health solutions for men and women who are either homeless or living in a state of abject poverty.